In 1998, a fourth grader living in Kirkland, Washington began to ask his parents if he could play the drums. Months went by but the boy persisted. On Christmas day of that year, the child’s aunt gave him a pair of drum sticks with instructions to drive his parents crazy. The boy obliged and it was on this day that Victor Olavarria’s drumming career began.

Seeing Victor’s enthusiasm, and hoping to spare their couch from any further beatings, Victor’s parents enrolled him in fifth grade band the following year. On his twelfth birthday he received his first drum set, with private lessons soon to follow. From then on Victor never stopped. He formed his first band in eighth grade and played with them until his senior year of high school, gaining invaluable recording and performing experience along the way.

After high school, Victor attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. During his time at Berklee, Victor performed in numerous bands and studied with many renowned, world-class drummers. He majored in Professional Music with a concentration in Performance and Private Studio Teaching. Now a Berklee graduate, Victor is living in Kirkland, performing and teaching professionally.

Victor has performed and recorded with a number of groups over the years, the most notable being Hey Marseilles and Numbers. He appears on Hey Marseilles’ debut full-length album “To Travels & Trunks” and appears on Numbers’ self-titled EP, as well as their full-length album “Three.”