I have been teaching drum lessons professionally since 2011. I spent my first 6 years of teaching giving in-person lessons, but over time I began to notice that this format enabled a few recurring problems:

• Students would often be late due to traffic, which would result in their lessons being cut short.
• Aside from the actual lesson time, students and their parents would need to set aside even more time in order to get to and from their lessons, usually during rush hour.
• I would go see my students perform, some of whom I had been teaching for years, and be blown away by how different their playing was compared to in our lessons! I began to realize that the added pressure of having me sit and stare at them while they played might be holding them back.
• Students would often mention that playing on my kits felt different than their kits, which affected their playing during their lessons.
• Students would constantly forget to bring their music or sticks to their lesson.
• There were many instances where a student would come to a lesson and say, “I forgot how to do what you showed me last week.”

In 2017 I moved to San Diego and decided that it was time to do something to address these problems. My goal was to make my lessons as beneficial and streamlined for my students as they could be.

Skype and Customized Video Lessons eliminate all of the problems mentioned above, while still allowing the students to get personalized instruction from me.

• Students and their parents will never have to battle traffic in order to get to their lesson on time, and they won’t have to set aside even more time to get to and from the lessons.
• Skype lessons allow me to watch the student play from a computer screen, minimizing the unintended pressure that was created when I was in the room right next to them. Customized Video Lessons eliminate the pressure completely by allowing the student to try what I demonstrate on their own. It is then up to them to decide if they would like to follow up with me and demonstrate their playing or not.
• Students are now able to have their lessons from the comfort of their own kits.
• Students will never forget their sticks or music since they won’t need to leave their home to have their lesson.
• Customized Video Lessons means that the student will have their lesson forever and can reference it at any time. This eliminates the possibility of forgetting how to do something and having to wait until the next lesson to see it again.

I am thrilled at how seamlessly the transition from in-person lessons to Skype and Video lessons has been for my current students, and their reactions have let me know that all of the previously mentioned problems have been solved. Of course, it’s up to you to decide what works best for you. My new site is currently under construction but if you would like some more info, please feel free to contact me at vlolavarria@gmail.com


Our son loves taking drum lessons from Victor! In eight months he’s learned to read drum tablature, play complicated beats, and rock out to some of his favorite songs. Victor’s instruction is professional, relevant, and fun. We appreciate his musicianship and ability to relate well to kids. Whether you’re a beginning drummer or have some experience, Victor will surely take your playing to the next level.

-Paige, parent

Our 13 year old son has taken lessons from Victor for several years. He always looks forward to his lessons, and he continues to learn and improve every week. Victor has done a great job connecting with our son on a personal level, which has been fun to watch. His teaching style is rooted in fundamentals and great technique, but he also mixes in current songs to keep things fun and interesting. Victor’s patience and ability to motivate make him a great teacher.

-Christi, parent

Victor has been coaching the Juanita High School Drumline for the last few years and it has been a fantastic experience. Not only is Victor an excellent technician, he is also an excellent teacher. The students respect him and it’s easy to see that they genuinely enjoy working with him. I’ve watched the quality of the group grow, along with their pride in themselves and their playing. He is teaching all of the right things!

-Mariko Lane, JHS band teacher, 2006-2014

Victor’s teaching style can be summed up with D.R.U.M.

Direction: He gives very detailed instruction and constructive feedback. He provides lesson plans and assignments that build on each other over time. This results in a large vocabulary of techniques you can call on anytime in your playing.

Results: He has a structured approach that works. I never thought I would get this good so quickly, and I have Victor’s guidance and confidence in me to thank. I often get comments like “Who is your teacher? They must be very good!”

Unique: Victor not only has a vast range of experience in drumming, but also in teaching. He is always prepared, makes it fun to learn, and is clearly dedicated to his work and his students.

Mastery: We are the same age but it feels like he is 20 years ahead of me in drumming! At the same time he is very humble and reminds us that he was once having the same struggles that we do. He is a partner in the process, rather than an overseer.

I highly recommend Victor to anyone who truly wants to master the drums!

-Charlene, student

I watched Victor’s YouTube videos and I told myself I wish I could play like him. With no music experience at all, I started taking lessons from him about eighteen months ago. He has been a true mentor. He is not only patient with me but also makes me get better each day by showing me how to improve in all of my drumming aspects. Each time I become demotivated, he helps me rejuvenate my spirits and gets me working harder. If you ever thought about playing drums, Victor is the guy you want.

-Vinay, student

I decided I wanted to get into drumming after playing the Rock Band video game, but I didn’t realize how much I loved playing until I started having lessons with Victor. Before the first class he called me to make sure he understood my preferred style of music, and by the second lesson he had transcribed one of my favorite songs and started teaching me how to play it, along with basic exercises to focus on technique. I still have a lot to learn, but I find in Victor the perfect teacher that always knows how to improve my weaknesses. It’s been so productive that I’ve recently doubled the number of lessons I’m taking a month; it’s been really fun!

-Bruno, student

Victor is a phenomenal drum teacher- he’s much more than just a drummer teaching on the side. Having learned with a multitude of music educators, I can say that Victor is one of the best at what he does. He genuinely cares about your progress, and will go the extra mile to help you succeed. Victor explains the techniques you need to know in a fully intuitive and simple manner, and will structure the lessons in a focused way to help you learn, but also customized to cater to your learning interests. However, he also keeps the lessons fun, relaxing, and encouraging, so you’ll want to keep playing and improve. If you want to learn drums, and you want to learn it right, Victor is the teacher you want.

-Vincent, student

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